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One is a breathless musical ride: propulsive, relentless …. It is one of the most cohesive, enjoyable recordings of (mostly) traditional fiddling I’ve heard in recent years” ~ John Crosby, R2 Magazine

Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy
(CD) Release Date: April 28, 2015

There is energy and freshness, and unparalleled musicality on ONE. A completely instrumental album with creative medleys in the Celtic style mixed with originals, with the exception of one track, a deeply emotional vocal lament “Cagaran Gaolach” sung by Natalie – marking her first ever lead feature vocal to appear on an album. Some of the unconventional approaches used in the studio for this fiddle-centric album included distorted electric guitars on the driving up tempo “Fiddler’s Despair”, and two players on one piano on “Pastiche for Anne” and a drum kit made of paint cans and a cardboard box on “Joyous Waltz.”


  Cape Breton Girl
(CD) Release Date: 2011

Recorded at Glenn Gould Studios in Toronto, 'Cape Breton Girl' sees Natalie return to her roots with a traditionally based album which embodies the true Cape Breton sound.

Natalie explains: "While there are other instruments on the recording, it's the piano and fiddle, the core instruments of Cape Breton music, that make up the bulk of the sound on this recording"...

  Natalie MacMaster's Cape Breton Aire
(Book) Release date: 2010

In the works for several years, this book is the story of a musical life and place. It takes the reader on a musical history journey and features beautiful photos of Natalie’s beloved Cape Breton Island; its landscape and it’s people.

161-page hardcover coffee table book.

  Yours Truly
(CD) Release Date: 2006

Recorded in Halifax, Kingston, Toronto and Calgary, "Yours Truly" is Natalie's 10th release, co-produced with husband Donnell Leahy.

It features a mix of traditional and contemporary numbers as well as several originals. The album also prominently features Natalie's touring band and a variety of international musicians...


Live in Cape Breton
(DVD) Release Date: 2007

Recorded live in October 2006 at the Celtic Colours International Festival in Cape Breton with Bela Fleck, Carlos Nunez and more...

  Natalie & Buddy MacMaster
(CD) Release Date: 2005

There is a cassette tape I often listen to of uncle Buddy and John Morris Rankin at the firehall in Mabou in 1986. It’s not of studio quality as it was recorded on an old cassette machine, but it is magic. I often play along with it. It occurred to me one day that Buddy and I should record some of those tunes together in a studio...

(CD) Release Date: 2003

Bluegrass and Celtic music are close cousins, with shared roots dating back several hundred years. Natalie has enlisted some of the world's top bluegrass pickers-including Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Edgar Meyer and Alison Brown for her latest album, BLUEPRINT. Also featured on the album are some of Natalie's band members; Brad Davidge and Matt MacIsaac along with several Cape Bretoners...

(CD) Release Date: 2002

LIVE is a double-CD, featuring the full-band sound as well as the traditional sounds of a Cape Breton square dance. Disc one is representative of her high-powered, full band, musically progressive show, which has a reputation of bringing down houses no matter the venue. This collection was culled from the live recording of a concert at The Living Arts Center, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada...

  In My Hands
(CD) Release Date: 1999

With its innovative blend of old and new, In My Hands has been a big success and was the start of a new stage in Natalie's career. Natalie is accompanied by a host of talented artists throughout the album including: Irish accordion player Sharon Shannon, Holly Cole's band, Mark O'Connor, Jesse Cook,  Alison Krauss and also features Natalie's debut as a lead vocalist on her own innovative composition "In My Hands"...

  My Roots Are Showing
(CD) Release Date: 1998

Recorded in December 1997, Natalie goes back to her roots, playing the traditional music that first called her to pick up the bow. The selections are divided up into surprisingly long sets of five to seven Jigs, Reels, Strathspeys, and Marches. Each set builds up an irresistible head of steam, climaxing to a breathless, pile driving conclusion. It is a terrific example of the strength of the Cape Breton fiddle tradition...

  No Boundaries
(CD) Release Date: 1996

Early in 1996, Natalie set about making a more progressive and varied recording than she had ever made before. Included on this recording are guest vocalists, Bruce Guthro, Cookie Rankin and long-time musical friends Tracey Dares, Howie MacDonald, Dave MacIsaac and many more. This recording earned Natalie her first Juno nomination and has gone Gold in Canada...

  A Compilation
(CD) Release Date: 1996

In 1989, then only 16, Natalie recorded her first album, "Four On The Floor". Just two years later, she followed up with "Road To The Isle". Both of these were only available on cassette and went on to sell over 12,000 copies respectively, accomplished without a record label or distribution. Finally in 1996, highlights from both of these early recordings were combined to form this remastered CD release...

  Fit As A Fiddle
(CD) Release Date: 1993

This is Natalie's first recording released on CD and is full of lively and fresh arrangements and includes many noteworthy musicians. This is a traditionally based recording which has stood the test of time like few others. Recorded before her recording contracts were in place and world wide touring schedules were in full flight, this is still Cape Breton fiddle music in a very basic but beautiful setting...


A Fiddle Lesson

A 70 minute long intermediate level instructional video featuring on-screen musical notation of grace notes and bowing, close-up views of the fingerboard, personal instruction of five tunes (a march, strathspey, reel, jig, clog), performance of tunes at slow and regular tempos and an 8-page booklet which includes musical notation for grace notes, bowing and eight traditional tunes.




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